Whether you know what you want or not we'll have a call around a month before the session to discuss any ideas, colors, clothing options, and poses. This call makes the day of the session flow better too.

10am hair and makeup
11:30 family arrives / start photographing all combinations
12:30 change outfits / combinations
1:30 Done photographing/relax
2:30 start ordering session  

The length of session time can change by hours depending on the number of people, clothing changes, and images desired. Some poses take longer to set up than others. I'm here to get you what you want and will spend the time needed to do so!

Yes, I do provide hair and make up! You'll have it done in my home studio in Candler, North Carolina. Sometimes it can be stressful getting yourself ready. If you're like me, you're not great at doing your own anyway. This is why I provide hair and makeup. Just show up with a clean face and hair. You're in great hands!

I only do one session a day. This allows us to have time and go with the flow. If baby is fussy we have time to feed or calm. There's no pressure or strict timeline.

Everyone can be photogenic with the right lighting and angles. It's my job to make you photogenic. All you need to do is show up. 

Digital images will be ready within 4 weeks of the session. Product time varies.

I make sure all your images are edited to perfection!
I'll soften wrinkles. Remove acne/acne scars. Correct/adjust clothing. 
Sometimes multiple images will need to be combined to make the perfect one. Like switching or combining fabric tosses.  I can take the face of one image and put it on the body of another if desired. This is usually needed when kids are involved. 

We can always discuss other edits while you're picking out your images. 

Yes! Tangible images are a priority. All images purchased come with both a digital and a 5x7 matted print or album. Luxury wall art options are available as well.

Session fee I have a session fee of $800. This includes hair/makeup, 5 - 7 outfits, client wardrobe, style consultation, and a day of ordering session. Images are purchased separately, so you only purchase the images you love. Session fee is applied toward image collections. 

You pick and purchase the final images you love.

We can do as many family combinations as you want.

Yes! We can do up to 5 wardrobe changes.

Maternity sessions are best done around 28 to 34 weeks. When there's a cute noticable bump, but you're still feeling well and are more comfortable. 

Newborn sessions are best done within 2 weeks of birth. This is before baby starts losing all the newborn features, is still sleepy, and is most cooperative. I'll get images of everyone during a newborn session.
After having two babies of my own, I understand that moms may be uncomfortable with their newly postpartum bodies. So I have some poses and outfits to help mom feel comfortable when looking at the images.

Newborn, around 6 to 9 months (when baby is sitting, but not yet up and running), or 3+ (when the child is more likely to listen) is a great time to get pictures done. 

Anytime a new family member is added. When kids are young they change so quickly, so some families like to do them yearly.

You are welcome to bring clothes. I have gowns and fabric we can use. We can also make gowns from the fabric. I have sheer and solid options. I also light, photograph, and edit to cover any areas we don't want seen.

1. Do you have clothes or do I bring my own?

6. When should I do a mommy and me photography session?

7. When should I do a family photography

17. How do you edit?

9. When should I do a maternity session?

10. When should I do a newborn session?

11. What if I'm not photogenic?

5. What does a session fee include?

4. Do you provide hair and makeup?

3. What is the timeline for a typical session?

2. What if I don't know what to wear?

8. What if my baby is fussy?

16. Can I wear multiple outfits/looks?

14. How many combinations can my family do?

15. Who picks the final images?

13. Do you have print or wall art options?

12. When do I recieve my pictures?


You bring your clean faced self and anything you want to wear or have in the pictures. 

18. What do I bring to the photography

Yes, the Asheville photography studio is located at 12 Wall Street in downtown Asheville. Between Market Place and Early Girl Eatery. Above Tupelo Honey. 

19. Is the studio in Asheville?

She loves an experience, to be pampered, and gorgeous art to show off.

She's not just looking for an Instagram-able shot... She wants art and passion put into images that will live in the real world too

She may not have all the confidence, but wants to find it and see the beauty other people see in her.

The Flaming Lily Goddess...


She worked with me on the outfits beforehand. She was so kind and patient with me and my family as this was our first professional photo shoot. She made sure it was fun the entire time! The viewing brought tears to my eyes and made my confidence shoot through the roof! I felt like an absolute goddess! I recommend her to any and everyone. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to feel heard and beautiful! 

"The viewing brought tears to my eyes and made my confidence shoot through the roof!"

Vogue Weddings, Editorial

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"Alice knows fashion, editorial, and how to have fun with it!"

Tara & Jake, Swan House Atlanta

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"you were the wedding vendor we just couldn't possibly do without!"

So much love here